"Let your hair down" is an idiom, and does not mean you actually let your hair down.
So when someone uses it for its idiom definition, but also refers to it as literal (brushing, running hands through it, etc) it looses its meaning.

For example: “lighten up! Relax! Let your hair down… And whip it around at the club!”

It’s kinda like saying

“dude, help me out! C’mon, throw a guy a bone. No really, throw me a bone, I want to chew on a bone.”

My boyfriend’s mom came home today upset. She went to police station to help her friend whom was arrested out- she simply wanted to know if their car was impounded. These two police women absolutely mocked her, talking slow, sending her between the two windows where they were, ignoring her, and even making up excuses on why they wouldnt help her. 3 hours… that is right, 3 HOURS after she simply made the inquiry did they give her the information. She asked if the officer could repeat the address of the lot the car was impounded at. The officer proceeded to, while using a ‘dumb’ or ‘slow’ voice, slowly say the address. CLEARLY mocking my boyfriend’s mom. 

So, and this is where it gets sad, my boyfriend’s mom asks for a formal complaint paper. The lady cop tells her they don’t have those. My boyfriend’s mom KNOWS they do because she works for the state. She insists they give her the form. The lady then says the other lady has it (doing what they did when she first came in). The other lady comes out from behind her window. My boyfriend’s mom asks her for the form, and again they refuse and the cop tells her to leave. She says she will not leave until she knows how to write up about this horrible service. The cop then GRABS HER ARM, and tries to force my boyfriend’s mom out the door. My boyfriend’s mom was NOT harassing, not being unruly, or even making a scene. She gets the cop to stop and asks for the supervisor. 

The supervisor hears her story, and then says they do not have a complaint form and to complain she just needs to send a letter. When my boyfriend’s mom asks whom to address the letter to, teh supervisor hesitated and said he doesn’t know. Pretty much the ‘letter’ thing is bull. She tells him she NEEDS a complaint form, she works for the state and she knows they have them.

The supervisor then gives her the complaint form. They had it all along. 

I was horrified when I heard about this.

And what I love is my boyfriend’s mom said, “This powerplay by cops, this ideal that it is illegal to just talk back to a cop, cops are allowed to treat you like this…  you know, I totally understand why those people in fergeson are so upset with police right now.”

I designed this for myself a few years ago :) finally got it tattooed today. Better pic later!


Angry comic from an angry Californian D:

For my fellow californians that don’t know how wasteful it is to do it during the day. Not only that, it leaves a watery dew on top of your plants, the sun’s light rays go through the water droplets, and you can essentially BURN your plants. The same way you can burn fallen leaves with a lens. Obviously they wont catch fire, but it is harmful to the plant nonetheless especially if done year round! 

Pretty sure when a dude says “Girls only date douchebags”

That dude has extreme insecurities or self-image issues or other issues socially.

If you have to console your being single by seeing every other male with a female partner as a “douchebag”… you are probably insecure. You are coming up with with explanations why you are single but refusing to look at your own flaws as the reason. It is everyone else’s fault. It is the girl’s fault. It is the douchebag’s fault… but it cannot be my fault for the reason I am single. 



Yet they claim that the queer community is overly sexual and puts our sex lives out there. Straight people are weird. 

stop heterosexuls 2k14

I shit you not we got a newborn onsie returned at my job that says “single and loving it”. We were pretty grossed out. There are little girl’s training bras (girls wear ‘mini’ bras as they go through puberty. These are a good thing for transitioning) and we have some extra push-up extra padded ones in the little girl’s section. There is 0 physical reasons to sell that to little girls other than the reason you are thinking. (and I am talking LITTLE girls. 9-11 years old.) 

Oh,  people.



R.I.P. The 2976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P. the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi and 35000 Pakistani people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit

this is the only september 11th post I’m reblogging

I don’t understand how people can actually be upset or mad when starbucks spells their name wrong. Enough to complain, or ask to re-write it Or why some people spell their name out so they MUST spell it right (when the employee asks that is okay and all)
I think it is hilarious when I get mine spelled wrong. It makes me smile. It makes the morning better! I once got something like lanaiea (my name is lane) and that is hilarious! I get “lain” or “Elaine” more than I get my actual name. It isn’t a bad thing lol.

Chihuahua intensifies

Tempted to go up to my boyfriend’s closed door and scratch on it like his dog and see if he lets me in. Hmm….

*o* f-for me?? <3